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Kathy Houle - PV Financial

Kathy Houle

Position: (Operations Assistant)
A beautiful day with Heather and Eric.

Kathy Houle was born and raised right here in Ludlow, and graduated from Ludlow High School before going on to get a degree in Education and English from Annhurst College, a small Connecticut-based Catholic women’s college that ceased operation in the 1980’s After graduating, Kathy realized that she did not want to become a teacher (she hated teaching, actually), so she took a position at Merchants Bank in Boston. After spending a year in Allston, Kathy wanted to be back in the community she grew up in, so she moved back to Ludlow to take a job with the Building Department. Passionate for serving her community, Kathy worked in the Building Department for 24 years before becoming Town Treasure of Ludlow for 3 years. Kathy and her beloved late husband enjoyed several years of the retired life together, and after he passed she desired to get back into the workforce. Kathy saw Pioneer Valley Financial Group as a perfect opportunity, a job that would provide a flexible schedule with a community-oriented, supporting work environment that also happened to be across the street from her home.

An afternoon in Paso Robles.

Growing up in Ludlow, Kathy adored going on walks and hikes through the woods behind the country club, knowing she wasn’t supposed to but doing it anyways. She’s continued her love of nature walks, but has instead swapped out the woods for the Ludlow Reservoir. Kathy biggest passion is reading, a hobby that started as early as she can remember. When she was 2 years old, she didn’t want anyone touching her books because her brother would keep eating them. From elementary school on, Kathy and her brother practically lived at the library. Not confining herself to one genre, Kathy goes through phases in the types of novels she reads. At one point, all she would read was South American novels, now you can find her reading authors such as Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams.

Kathy’s husband provided her with two step-daughters, and now two step-grandchildren who all live down in Raleigh, North Carolina. Kathy enjoys getting to take trips and visit them, and was delighted to see her step-granddaughter get married last year. In her free time, Kathy volunteers at Christ the King Church and the Polish Club in Ludlow. Her mantra is that if someone needs you to do something, you do it, especially if it benefits the community.