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Our Story

The trio of Edward Sokolowski, Joseph Leonczyk, and Charles Myers saw a need in the marketplace for a financial advisory firm that provided a comprehensive, relationship-focused approach to financial planning. This led to the creation of Pioneer Valley Financial Group in 2002, operating based on their core mission to help their clients and community live better. Nearly two decades later, PV Financial has grown exponentially in the size of our clientele and our team. What hasn’t changed is our unrelenting commitment to providing first-rate service and guidance, while continually giving back to our community.

The difference between PV Financial and any other financial planning firm is that your PV Financial Advisor will undoubtedly focus on your relationship, rather than just the transaction, exercising balance, care, skill, diligence, and objectivity in the comprehensive process utilized in developing and managing your financial life. It is our core belief that effective communication is the essential basis for a long and healthy relationship. We look forward to continuing our story while being a part of yours for years to come.

We are proud to provide financial planning services to customers throughout Western Massachusetts, including Hampden County, Hampshire County, Franklin County, and Berkshire County.

Guiding You Along Your Financial Journey

If you or someone you know are ready to take the first step to working towards financial freedom but aren’t quite ready for the wealth management PV offers, we recently introduced a membership-based program geared towards guiding the younger generations along their journey to financial security. We would be thrilled to serve as your guide through life’s obstacles and decisions in our brand new PV Navigator program! Visit to learn more.

Our Mission

At PV Financial Group, we believe in helping our clients and community live better. As a team, we are driven to offer excellent client experiences, thoughtful financial plans, and caring advice. Our legacy is the people and the lives that we have touched.

We believe that in order to provide first-rate financial service and guidance, the relationship between investor and financial advisor must be grounded in trust.

Your financial advisor will undoubtedly focus on your relationship, rather than the transaction, exercising balance, care, skill, diligence and objectivity in the comprehensive process utilized in developing and managing your financial life. It is our core belief that effective communication is the essential basis for a long and healthy relationship. Our team of trained and courteous financial professionals seeks to work together to provide each client with the highest degree of personalized service.

Who We Serve

Retirees (Nearly & Already)

Retirement Planning

We understand that retirement may be both exciting and frightening. Just a few of the questions we often hear include, “Will my retirement income be enough to maintain my current lifestyle?” or “How will I know I can take care of my family?” Our process begins by getting to know you, understanding who and what your lifestyle includes and what are the things that are most important to you, today and many years down the road. We thoughtfully strategize to help you create an income stream that you do not outlive. Whether you need help with legacy planning or retirement investments, we are dedicated to helping you plan for your future. We want your family, friends, vacations and hobbies to take up all of your time in retirement.


Professionals, Service Members & Young Adults

We often see people who assume that they don’t need us because they already contribute to their employer-sponsored plan or they don’t have access to a plan at all. Regardless of your income or your age, taking the time to invest in your future today may make all the difference when considering retirement or facing unforeseen circumstances down the road. Our financial planners will help you take control of your future and plan for a comfortable and prosperous life.


Small and Mid-Size Businesses

Business Financial Planning

Looking to attract, retain or reward your team members? We are dedicated to helping you navigate through the increasingly regulated niche of qualified retirement plan options, with independent and objective offerings. Whether you are seeking help with contingency planning or managing the financial risks associated with the life and health of your employees, we work with a range of business owners to provide thoughtful and responsible solutions that contribute to the well-being of your business, employees and their families.

Recent regulatory changes to the qualified retirement plan industry have made navigating through the process even more difficult for Business owners. These regulations have sparked an urgency to ensure retirement plan service professionals have specialized training and the necessary resources to help sponsors meet their fiduciary and prudent practice obligations.


We provide financial planning services throughout Hampden CountyHampshire CountyBerkshire CountyFranklin County, and more.