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PV Financial Sets Path For The Future

Set Paths for the Future - Partners - PV Financial

PV Financial is excited to not only announce some changes and additions to our team, but also introduce a new and innovative program aimed at helping people embark on successful financial journeys. Over the next year, we will be implementing contemporary ideas to bring PV Financial to the forefront of the financial industry while still holding onto our core values and retaining the same high-level service to which our clients are accustomed.

The PV team identified a need in the marketplace and designed a program geared toward guiding younger generations along their journeys to financial literacy and security. PV Navigator is a membership-based program designed to give clients access to our financial advisors as they design their personalized plans for the future. Whether it’s guiding someone through situations as small as learning how to save those few extra dollars each month or as big as how to best invest an inheritance, our Navigator team will set individuals on the right path.

With our growing PV family taking the lead on our expanded offerings, it will allow some senior members to take some well-deserved time off to enjoy their hobbies. Edward Sokolowski, PV’s Managing Partner, is happy to announce that Joseph Leonczyk, one of PV’s senior partners, has begun his journey toward retirement. Joe joined EQ Financial Consultants in 1997 and shifted to Palmer Goodell Financial Group, LLC, in 1999 along with Ed and Chuck Myers. Together, they quickly realized the need to provide a truly comprehensive approach to financial planning and opened the doors of Pioneer Valley Financial Group in March 2002. After 24 years in the business, Joe is taking a step back from the office. Along with the PV Financial Team, Joe will continue serving his clients while also now enjoying some more time with his family and friends.

While PV Financial is bringing in some fresh faces and new ideas, the team’s unwavering commitment to helping clients and the community live better remains unchanged. PV Financial believes that in order to provide first-rate guidance, the relationship between investor and financial advisor must be grounded in trust. PV will continue to provide high-level service to its valued clients and the community for many years to come.

“The old saying of how time flies when you’re having fun is very appropriate here at PV Financial,” said Edward Sokolowski, Managing Partner, “While most small, successful companies usually look for an exit strategy in selling their business to new ownership, PV is taking a different approach. After 29 years in the financial services industry, I believe that the next generation of employees should be given the opportunity to continue the tradition the founding partners started by moving the company into an employee-owned business model. While I plan on being part of the leadership team over the next 10 to 15 years, the time has come for all twenty PV employees to help take the reins for the future. Our clients and community deserve the continued commitment of our employees and I look forward to many years of PV Financial being a cornerstone to all who it serves.”