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Weekly Market Update, June 3, 2019

General Market News The 10-year Treasury yield broke below the 2.20 percent level last week and opened at 2.06 percent on Monday. Treasuries all the way out to 7 years are now trading below 2 percent. The 3-year and 30-year…

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Weekly Market Update, May 13, 2019

General Market News Treasuries experienced some elevated volatility last week, with the U.S.-China trade talks and the newly imposed tariffs sending money to safety. The 10-year Treasury was as high as 2.48 percent last week and 2.54 percent the week…

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Weekly Market Update, January 7, 2019

General market news Rates continue to move lower, as parts of the curve start to invert. The 1-year U.S. Treasury is now yielding more than the 2-, 3-, 5-, and 7-year Treasuries, and the 10-year is less than 10 basis…

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