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PV Lays Wreaths at Wreaths Across America-Island Pond Cemetery

In 2020, PV Financial donated 120 wreaths to Wreaths Across America- Island Pond Cemetery. On December 19th, PV joined the Ludlow Veterans Services and the Wreaths Across America- Island Pond Cemetery in the wreath-laying.

The tradition of wreath-laying began in 1992 when the Worcester Wreath Company found that they had extra wreaths. The owner, Morrill Worcester, saw this as a chance to honor our country’s veterans and sent the extra wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery to be placed in one of the older sections. Until 2005, the wreath-laying occurred quietly until an image circulated the internet. The amount of attention the photo gained resulted in requests for cemetery wreaths from all over. Due to the inability to donate thousands of wreaths to each state, the fund sent 7 wreaths to each state in honor of each branch of the military. The following year, over 150 wreath-laying ceremonies occurred around the country. In 2007, Wreaths Across America was formed to help continue and expand the effort and uphold the original mission: Remember. Honor. Teach.