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PV Financial Gives Back To Frontline Workers at the Eastfield Mall and Local Subways

Frontline Workers at Eastfield Mall - PV Financial Gives Back 4

As we pass the one-year mark of the coronavirus pandemic, we are still finding ourselves amid a health crisis. Our frontline workers are still working tirelessly to protect the public and keep everyone safe. Businesses of all sizes are still facing turmoil and more uncertainty in the future. PV Financial’s belief has always been to help the community live better and is always looking for innovative ways to do so. With their mission and pledge to make 2021 “a Year of Giving”, PV is finding ways to give back to the people who have kept us safe during this health crisis as well as those who are struggling to maintain financial stability and security.

Managing Partner Ed Sokolowski and Subway owner Umesh Patel

One local business that has been greatly impacted by the pandemic is Ludlow’s local Subway Restaurant. Within the past three months, owners Nisana Thapaliya and Umesh Patel moved to the area and became the owners of two Subway restaurants including Ludlow’s East Street. With the pandemic causing restaurants to close their dining rooms, the couple has found it difficult to compete with other businesses because their restaurants do not have a drive-thru option. “We had to cut business hours just to survive. And as new owners, we cannot benefit from the loans provided by the government. We are focusing on safety rather than worrying about our profit”, said Nisana.

In an effort to show its support for local struggling businesses and frontline workers, PV Financial came up with a plan. On Saturdays March 27th and April 4th, the PV team purchased meal boxes from local Subway Restaurants and delivered them to the AMR Covid Testing and the Curative Vaccine Administrators both located at the Eastfield Mall. In total PV delivered 150 meal boxes! Subway’s owners and the healthcare workers were excited and happy to be a part of this special project.

Kevin Sylvester, Andrea Santos, and one of the Curative Vaccine Administrators.

“After having the opportunity to speak with the restaurant owners, it really hit home with me how small businesses are still struggling to survive the pandemic even one year later”, said PV’s Senior Managing Partner, Edward Sokolowski. “Nisana & Umesh had two choices for their Subway franchise—work incredibly long hours, or miss payroll. I encourage individuals to help support locally owned businesses whenever possible. Even though the pandemic seems to be winding down, the struggle these businesses face to stay afloat is very real and will be for some time into the future.”