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Cynthia Fabiszewski

Position: (Operations Manager)

Enjoying a Red Sox day in Fenway.

The youngest of four children, Cindy Fabiszewski grew up watching her parents work tirelessly to support her large and vibrant family. She sought to emulate the dire work ethic of her father, a 40-year railroad electrician, and her mother working retail and maintaining the home front, in that she succeeded. Cindy graduated from STCC and immediately went to work. She landed a position at Milton Bradley where she devoted twenty years to the Accounting Department in various capacities and continued her personal growth and education while attending night school. When the company merged with Hasbro and down-sized, Cindy moved to Palmer Goodell and took on the role of Ed’s Executive Assistant.

Coco, the newest member of the family.

Cindy, loyal and dependable, has been there from the beginning supporting partners Ed, Joe and Chuck when they first opened the doors to PV Financial Group in 2002. Her acute attention to detail and superb time management skills have encouraged the rapid growth of the business. After having worked in an administrative capacity in areas ranging from compliance to licensing, accounting to auditing, Cindy will now be tasked with assisting and helping to improve the company operations department, proving that she is truly versatile. At home Cindy enjoys utilizing her artistic side to craft and sew, and has been known to expertly take apart and rebuild formal wear mere moments before a special event for friends and family. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; Cindy’s son Roman is a talented young artist himself, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from Springfield College. Shortly after graduating, Roman moved to California to pursue his dreams, and is currently working on putting together his art pieces to set up a showing at a local gallery in Los Angeles. Roman also works as the assistant manager of a natural foods store, and in his free time he can be found pursuing his interest in photography and riding waves at Huntington Beach.

Melanie and Roman enjoying time in California.

Cindy spends as much time as she can with her daughter, Melanie, who graduated from the Occupational Therapy program at Springfield College. Melanie now works at Women & Infants Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island as an Occupational Therapist and in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and purchased her first home in Attleboro, MA. As their children’s careers are just beginning, Cindy and Roman are cruising gracefully into retirement. Roman retired after a 30-year career as a plumber at Springfield College, and Cindy is looking forward to joining him in the near future after spending the last 17 years here at PV Financial. They have led their children by example passing on their zealous work ethic to both Roman and Melanie.

Cindy’s free time is most often spent with her family, husband, two children and generous amounts of extended aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. They’ve also added a new member to the family named Coco, a calico cat whose quirky personality has helped brighten up their home. The couple looks forward to planning their next vacation, hoping to visit their son out on the West Coast.