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Chuck’s Commentary Corner: Stay Ready!

Charles Myers - PV Financial Group

Stay Ready! Plans are wonderful things. They give you a road map from where you currently are, to where you’d like to be. Whether you’re planning for a vacation or your retirement, having a well thought out plan is a great asset to have. If you’re planning a vacation, you can most likely easily adapt your plan if an unplanned situation should arise. It’s not always easy, but you can most likely reschedule your trip, or change some of the stops you’d hoped to make. 

Your retirement plan thought, might not be quite as adaptable as that, particularly once you’ve stopped working and begun drawing on your retirement assets. 

Life has a funny way of throwing wrenches into the works. Plans are great, but “Life Happens!” Unforeseen expenses lurk when you least want to see them. Whether it’s a home repair or a repair to your body, you need to be prepared to handle the financial changes that those expenses bring. At PV Financial, the first question often has nothing to do with how you want to invest, but more with how stable your financial situation is. Are you truly prepared for unexpected financial stress? 

Work on your emergency fund, particularly during retirement years! It’s easy to let it dwindle, and during retirement that’s an especially dangerous thing!

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Warmest Regards,
Chuck Myers, AIF®PV Financial Group Chief Investment Officer