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Bubble Blast is Back!

5/27/2016 |

Ludlow – PV Financial Group will be hosting their second annual Bubble Blast and Summer Safety Day on Monday, June 13th starting at 1pm at the Ludlow Community Center/ Randall Boys and Girls Club. The event is free to children ages 5-11. All are welcome to attend with adult supervision, goggles and a beach towel recommended.


PV Financial Group created the event to promote engagement between children and local safety officials at the start of the summer. The soccer field will be filled with foaming bubble fun courtesy of the Ludlow Fire Department. More importantly, kids will have the opportunity to engage with Ludlow’s local firefighters, police officers, and representatives from Ludlow Cares Coalition.


“If we can change one life by creating an opportunity for kids to engage with and respect our local officials, this event is worth it. Whether it’s wearing a bike helmet, reminding an adult to change the battery in a smoke detector or speaking up when someone’s in trouble, developing strong character in our children is a community-wide effort. We’re so thankful to the Ludlow Police and Fire Departments, the Ludlow Cares Coalition and the Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys and Girls Club for all that they do to support these efforts,” says Managing Partner Ed Sokolowski.


Carnival snacks and treats will be served, along with PV Financial Lava Dough from Elsie’s Creamery at Randall’s Farm and Greenhouse. Back by popular demand, the chocolate ice cream with swirls of marshmallow, ripples of raspberry, and chunks of cookie dough was voted on and selected by 60 third grade Ludlow Public Schools’ Junior Achievement students last year. The ice cream is being generously donated by Randall’s Farm and Greenhouse.


Rain date is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14th.

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Sara Liptak

Sara Liptak

wrote on 6/13/2016 at 9:41:31 AM

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Sara Liptak