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Basking in Bubble Balooza

6/17/2016 |

Children from Ludlow, Wilbraham, Holyoke, Agawam, Springfield, and Palmer soaked up a sudsy summer celebration.

As seen in the Ludlow Register Wednesday, June 15, 2016 Issue.

More than 550 children celebrated the start to summer in a field of bubbles at the Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club this past Monday.

"This is such a great community event and we 're so glad that PV Financial Group could host it once again,” exclaimed Jennifer Aldworth, president and CEO of the Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club. PV Financial Group hosted the now annual Bubble Blast and Summer Safety Day for free to children ages 5 to 11.

"My teacher said I won't have to take a bath now because it's just soap!" said 8-year-old Anastasia Padilla of Ludlow after launching out of the bubble field.

To further encourage the safety aspect, Ludlow CA.RE.S. provid­ed questions for children to answer in order to receive a raffle ticket for the chance to win a number of prizes including a scooter.

"We were thrilled to have so many families come out to cele­brate the end of the school year with us. Our goal was to create an event that gives kids an opportuni­ty to positively engage with our local Police and Fire officials before the start of the summer,” said PV's Managing Partner Ed Sokolowski. He said that his organization created the event to promote engagement between children and local safety officials at the start of the summer, and as a result, the soccer field at the club was filled with foaming bubble fun courtesy of the Ludlow Fire Department.

"We couldn't have been more pleased with the turnout," says PV's Partner Joe Leonczyk. ''Bubble Blast and Summer Safety Day 2016 would not have been possible without the hard work of the Ludlow Fire Department, along with the Ludlow Police Department, Ludlow C.A.R.E.S. Coalition, Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys and Girls Club, and an awesome troop of volunteers who generously donated their time."

One of the most important aspect of the day's event, both Leonczyk and Sokolowski agreed was providing kids with the opportunity to engage with Ludlow's local firefighters, police officers, and representatives from Ludlow CA.R.E.S. Coalition. “If we can change one life by creating an opportunity for kids to engage with and respect our local this event is worth it," said Sokolowski. "Whether it's wearing a bike helmet, reminding an adult to change the battery in a smoke detector or speaking up when someone's in trouble, developing strong character in our children is a community-wide effort."

Carnival snacks and treats were also served, along with PV Financial Lava Dough from Elsie's Creamery at Randall's Farm and Greenhouse. Back by popular demand, the chocolate ice cream with swirls of marshmallow, ripples of raspberry, and chunks of cookie dough was voted on and selected by 60 third grade Ludlow Public Schools' Junior Achievement students last year.

The ice cream was once again donated by Karen Randall at Elsie's Creamery at Randall's Farm and Greenhouse. "The afternoon was a great way to say 'goodbye' to the school year and 'hello' to summer," said Aldworth. "For a few hours, everyone got to be kids ... we're all kids today."

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