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PV Makes $5k Investment to Improve Lives Through MHA Matters, 9/12/2018

9/14/2018 |

Cites Respect, Integrity and Compassion as Aligning Values

SPRINGFIELD, MASS. – Ed Sokolowski, Managing Partner of PV Financial Group in Ludlow, MA, presented a $5,000 donation to MHA on September 6, 2018 in recognition of the agency’s efforts to improve the lives of those challenged by intellectual disabilities, substance use, mental illness, and homelessness.

“At PV Financial Group, we are committed to giving back to our community and demonstrating leadership through philanthropy,” said Sokolowski. “Instead of spending money on traditional marketing efforts, we choose instead to invest dollars directly into organizations that support the future growth of our community. MHA is close to our hearts because the organization’s ideals of integrity, respect and compassion are directly aligned with our values at PV Financial Group. While our organizations may have different clients, we believe they all deserve to be treated with the same level of care.”

“Ed Sokolowski and his partners clearly demonstrate integrity by giving back to the community where they do business and where their employees live, work and play,” said MHA’s President & CEO, Cheryl Fasano. “By choosing to support MHA and our programs to address mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse and homelessness, they also show their respect for all members of the community and compassion for people in need. We are thrilled that PV Financial Group has made such a generous commitment to MHA.”

“We recognize that MHA is at a critical and exciting growth juncture,” said Sokolowski. “Our mantra at PV Financial Group is planning with a purpose. We are honored to help their organization secure their future growth and expand their reach in our community.”

Fasano added that among other priorities, PV Financial Group’s donation will directly support MHA’s new initiatives, Good To Go and You Matter!

Good To Go is a new “store” located at MHA’s corporate office at 995 Worthington Street, Springfield which provides individuals served through its respite program with immediate access to basic supplies including a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap and shampoo, a pillow and pillowcase, a sweatshirt and sweatpants, underwear and socks, and flip flops, “whatever they made need that’s urgent,” according to Kimberley A. Lee, VP of Resource Development & Branding for MHA.

You Matter is also a new initiative PV Financial Group is helping to support which recognizes MHA employees for their efforts on behalf of the program participants the nonprofit serves. Nominees will be surprised and recognized in a “Publisher’s Clearing House” style complete with balloons, a certificate and a small cash prize.

“MHA matters. The individuals that are served with respect, integrity and compassion, they matter. The employees who serve them, they matter too,” says Peter Leonczyk, PV Financial Group Financial Advisor. “We’re thrilled to be part of this employee recognition program to honor the dedication and the hard work that often goes without acknowledgement.”

About MHA:

MHA is a nonprofit provider of residential and support services based in Springfield, MA, providing services throughout the Greater Springfield area to people impacted by mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse and homelessness. Our core values are Respect, Integrity and Compassion.

MHA has 400 full- and part-time employees and serves more than 600 participants annually. We operate 25 residential sites, as well as extensive outreach and supported living programs. MHA receives state and federal funding from multiple sources including the MA Department of Mental Health (DMH), MA Department of Developmental Services (DDS), MA Department of Children and Families (DCF), MA Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), the MA Department of Housing and Community Development (DHDC) and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

MHA was founded in 1960 by concerned citizens to provide advocacy for people with mental illness living at Northampton State Hospital. Throughout the deinstitutionalization movement MHA developed a continuum of housing and support options to participants with a wide variety of needs. Our services reflect the belief that everyone deserves quality affordable housing, the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential and the support to pursue their personal vision and meaningfully participate in the life of their community.

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