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Keith Empowers Young Minds Through Junior Achievement, 5/24/17

5/24/2017 |

Keith Tatlock proudly taught a 1st Grade Class the Junior Achievement Program at Chapin Street School in Ludlow, MA.


Financial Advisor, Keith Tatlock, recently taught Junior Achievement to a special 1st grade class. Keith enjoyed leading the five-week curriculum, especially because it meant visiting with his son, Jake, each Wednesday at school!


Junior Achievement is dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed.  Their program encourages students to dream big and work hard to be able to reach their full potential. Keith led his 1st graders through the “JA Our Families” syllabus, which illustrates how family members' jobs and businesses contribute to the well-being of the community.


Keith enjoyed applying his experience to meaningfully teach his students about the difference between needs and wants, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. The 1st grade class graduated from the program with a better understanding of similarities and differences between families, jobs, giving back to the community, reading a map and much more!

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