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PV Supports Belchertown’s Hidden Gem, 12/7/201812/7/2018
MHA You Matter! Award Sponsored by PV, 11/15/201811/15/2018
PV Sponsors MJD Annual Dinner, 11/7/201811/7/2018
Major Tatlock Returns Home, 10/15/201810/15/2018
PV Makes $5k Investment to Improve Lives Through MHA Matters, 9/12/20189/14/2018
500 Children Slide Into Summer Safety, 6/30/20186/30/2018
Inspiring Young Minds on Career Day, 5/14/20185/14/2018
Rick’s Place 5K to Support Grieving Families, 5/10/20185/10/2018
Delivering Christmas Joy to Head Start Learning Center, 12/24/201712/24/2017
Power in Practice Takes Team PV to Nashville, TN, 12/19/201712/19/2017
PV Women Support Individuals with Disabilities in Western MA, 12/8/201712/8/2017
Keith Becomes Board Member at Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys and Girls Club, 10/16/201710/16/2017
Peter Joins Rotary, Committing to ‘Service Above Self,’ 10/6/201710/6/2017
Carole Runs to Support First Responders, 10/2/201710/2/2017
PV Putt Off Raises Money to Support the Community, 9/22/20179/22/2017
Fostering Compassion Through Music, 8/31/20178/31/2017
Kelly and Karen Attend Proactive Practice Management Workshop, 8/22/20178/22/2017
PV Collaborates Across the Country, 8/13/20178/13/2017
PV Stage Sponsor – Rock The Boot, 7/28/177/28/2017
Creating Opportunities to Develop Strong Character, 6/23/176/23/2017
Peter Inspires 4th Grade Future Entrepreneurs, 6/22/20176/22/2017
Keith Empowers Young Minds Through Junior Achievement, 5/24/175/24/2017
Peter Inspires Middle Schoolers on Career Day, 5/10/175/10/2017
Cheering in Memory of Fallen Hero Sgt. Desforges, 5/5/175/5/2017
‘We Are All Family’ 5K to Benefit SJB, 5/1/175/1/2017
Major Tatlock Honors Local Veterans, 4/22/174/22/2017
Boy Scout Troop 180 Fundraiser, 3/28/173/28/2017
Joe Attends Educational Forum, 3/22/173/22/2017
Keith and Peter Attend Exclusive Business Conference, 2/9/172/9/2017
PV Delivers Toys to Preschoolers at Parkside, 12/23/1612/23/2016
Promoting Financial Literacy at Ludlow High School, 11/30/1611/30/2016
Coach Peter Leads His Team to Super Bowl Victory, 11/16/1611/16/2016
Major Keith Tatlock Supporting Ludlow Veterans, 10/29/201610/29/2016
Michael J. Dias Foundation: Battling Addiction, 10/26/201610/26/2016
New Home for Local Animal in Need, 10/22/201610/22/2016
Carole Runs to Support BELIEVE 208, 10/7/201610/7/2016
Boys and Girls Club Celebrates 125 Years, 9/30/20169/30/2016
Supporting Individuals with Different Abilities, 9/9/20169/9/2016
Ed Attends Exclusive Conference for Financial Advisors, 8/30/20168/30/2016
Rock the Boot, 8/29/20168/29/2016
Major Keith Tatlock Honored in Change of Command Ceremony, 8/20/20168/20/2016
Coach Peter Bonds with His Football Team, 8/15/168/15/2016
Vietnam Veterans 50th Anniverary, 8/6/20168/6/2016
MHA’s 19th Annual Golf Tournament, 7/8/20167/8/2016
Ed Speaks on Advisor Panel, South Carolina, 6/30/20166/30/2016
Peter Attends Commonwealth’s “Next Generation Advisors” Conference, 6/27/20166/27/2016
Belchertown Challenger League, 6/24/20166/24/2016
Ed Gives Back – Habitat for Humanity, 6/1/166/1/2016
Peter Honored for Junior Acheivment, 5/28/165/28/2016
SJB 5K Fundraiser - Creating Global Citizens, 5/24/165/24/2016
Wilbraham - Minnechaug Scholarship Foundation, 5/14/165/14/2016
Sgt. Desforges Fitness Challenge, 5/11/20165/11/2016
Joe Leonczyk Recognized in Commonwealth President’s Club Status 2016, 5/2/20165/2/2016
Randall Boys & Girls Club 25th Annual Auction, 4/23/2016 4/23/2016
Boys & Girls Club of Chicopee Teaches Teen about Basketball, and Life, 4/15/164/15/2016
Michael J. Dias Foundation: 4th Annual Fundraiser, 10/15/1510/15/2015
Celebrating the Small Business - Robert’s Auto Body, 10/14/1510/14/2015
Funding the Future of Our Four-Legged Friends10/1/2015
PV Financial Lava Dough Now Being Served!7/10/2015
Bubble Blast & Summer Safety Day 20156/24/2015
Belchertown Red Sox6/3/2015
SJB "We Are All Family" 5K 20155/27/2015
Ludlow Elementary Fundraiser4/27/2015
Troop 180 Fundraiser 3/30/2015
Commonwealth Gives Back 20153/18/2015
Plunge for Shriners3/18/2015
MHA Unity in the Community12/29/2014
2014 Holiday at Head Start12/23/2014
Benefit for Xavier Pereira11/26/2014
Boys & Girls Club’s Fall Fest 201411/25/2014
Sip for Sjögren's11/24/2014
Just Breathe Benefit for Zulch Family11/3/2014
Run For The Law10/27/2014
Spec Pond Summer League9/8/2014
Cuts For Kyle8/23/2014
Ludlow Community Center/Randall Boys & Girls Club Sponsorship8/20/2014
Fifth Annual Rock The Boot8/16/2014
SJB “We Are All Family” 5K6/16/2014
Griffin's Friends5/16/2014